7 Tips to Prep Your Home for Professional Photos

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The saying goes, "A picture's worth a thousand words", so you'll want your house to be in tip-top shape for it's debut in the spotlight... or at least spread across the MLS. Follow my 7 tips to prep your house and maximize the outcome of your photos. Remember, first impressions count! 

1. Clean! This goes without saying but make sure you clean top to bottom. Vacuum, dust, swiffer those floors, windex the windows and mirrors (no streaks!) and make sure there aren't any clothes or miscellaneous items left in eye-shot; I know it's hard to remember that the banister isn't technically an official coat rack, we've all been there!

2. Shine bright. The day of your shoot, make sure that all of the lights in your house are flipped on. (Now is the time to replace any burnt out bulbs as well!) Make sure to open all the blinds and let that natural light shine through. The brighter the better! 

3. Make your bed. You might not do it every morning but today's the day to neatly fold your bed spread and fluff out those pillows, even add the throws for style! This goes for the kids and guest rooms as well. This focal point is key, trust me. 

4. Curb appeal. Make sure the lawn is mowed, the shrubs are shaped and the weeds are plucked. Move any cars out of the driveway and keep those garbage cans hidden! We are going for class not trash ;)

5. Clear the kitchen. Whether its tons of appliances or drying racks, remove as much as possible from the counter tops. Make sure there are no dishes in the sink and remove all the magnets from the fridge. 

6. Add a centerpiece. Whether it's on your dining room or living room table, a bouquet of flowers or fruit bowl will add an extra zing to your decor. Don't go overboard but a small piece here and there will definitely make a room pop!

7. Bare the bathroom. Clear the counter tops, not even a tooth brush or soap dish! You want that spa-like essence, resonating from this sweet sanctuary. Also hide any shampoo and body soap from the shower/bathtub area and replace any used towels with a fresh set. Oh and boys, keep the toilet seat down ;)


If you would like a more in depth synopsis, reach out and I'll send over a detailed booklet with everything you need to know: lziccardi@homesforsale.com 

Can't wait to see how the photos turn out!